The City of Millville was born at what is today Union Lake. Joseph Smith and others formed the Union Estates Company in 1776, purchasing 24,000 acres of land and establishing a mill at the head of the Maurice River. To power the mill, the Union Estates Company enlarged a dam along the northern part of the Maurice River and established the first meaningful development along the waterway. A second dam was built in the 1860s where it is today, having replaced the first one that had been farther upstream.

The first to recognize the land with its number of forests and its position on the river was Captain Joseph Buck, a veteran of the Revolutionary War who had served under George Washington. It was in 1795 that he drew up his plans for the town. Lots went up for sale shortly before the village was organized as a township in 1801. When he died in 1803 there were fewer than 20 houses.

Millville got its name in the 1790s from the numerous mills and factories that were planned for the site. Because South Jersey has an abundance of silica sand (silica sand is a fine white grained sand, similar to that of coastal beaches), it was perfect for the beginnings of the glass industry that we are proud of today.

The City of Millville was incorporated as a city by an act of the state legislature in 1866 and operated under the mayor-council form of government until 1913. The mayor was elected by the people. In 1913, the Walsh Act was passed and the city began its present commission form of government. There are five elected commissioners, one of whom serves as mayor.

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 Millville Public Library
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Dear County Resident(s),

Please join us with the Friends of the Library. We would like you to know we need your annual membership. Please use your donations to:

  • Provide the library with a regular volunteer group which performs varied tasks to assist the staff and enrich library services.
  • Assist the library with hospitality activities like Children's Book Week and National Library Week.
  • Work with and through professional and community associations to inform others about the library.
  • Sponsor speakers and library programs.
  • Host special events, including annual Book Sales.
  • Provide the library with items deemed necessary.
  • Work with the children of the community and the library staff with their summer programs.

The Benefits of being a Friend of the Library include:

  • Special Friend's only Preview Sale prior to the general public sale. (Bring your new Membership Card). 
  • Corporate/Benefactor members eligible to receive individual memberships for up to 5 employees.
  • Opportunity to join in Friend's social events.
  • Attend Friends of the Library meetings which are held on the 3rd Wednesday every other month. We would like your attendance at these meetings, however, they are not mandatory.
  • A free DVD rental coupon.

However, the greatest benefit of being a Friend is knowing that you are helping the library we use and love!

Once you have returned your membership fee to the library we will note it for our records. We, in turn will send you a new Friends of the Millville Library Membership Card. We would like to thank you in advance for your thoughtfulness and your generosity. This is an important cause! We realize these are financially difficult times but even the smallest membership/donation fee is very helpful! We would like to encourage you to share this with your friends and neighbors.

Your help is gratefully appreciated!


In 1864, the Millville Library and Reading Room Association was established. The location was a small building in the Glasstown at Buck Street & Columbia Avenue. Members, 17 and older, joined by buying stock (children were prohibited from library use until 1872). In 1868, yearly dues were raised to $3.00. In 1883, the original building was sold, and the Library moved to the Workingmen's Institute Building at the foot of High Street. By then the book collection consisted of 2,000 volumes, and there were newspapers and magazines. A large reading room was established for use by the public free of charge. Due to a rent increase in 1887, the board voted to rent a space over the Simmons Brothers' Store (Fath Dept. Store) on High Street. The Library moved again in 1893 to the Women's Christian Temperance Union Building on Mulberry Street between High & Buck where it remained until 1908.

The Library was incorporated in 1908, and purchased the Millville National Bank building at 2nd & Main Streets for $2,000. Membership was $1.00 per year. Non-members could use books in the library. Books could be borrowed if you registered and presented satisfactory references, or deposited the value of the book and paid $.05 in advance per week. The decision was made in 1914 to open as a free library. Card holders increased from 90 to 1,600, and to 3,250 by 1918. Circulation quadrupled in one year. Many services were extended to the community including sending books to those serving in the armed forces in 1918 and again in 1940. Old books and magazines were donated to the state prison farm at Leesburg, and children's books were lent to the schools. In 1939, children at the age of nine were allowed to borrow books. Story hour was begun in 1947. Art work was often displayed on the walls by local artists. The Library was open afternoons and evenings except for Sundays. In 1950, the library contained an estimated 7,000 volumes, and subscribed to approximately 50 periodicals and local newspapers. As early as 1953 talks were begun regarding the need for a new library.

In March, 1961, a plot of ground on Buck Street was leased for a proposed new library. Ground was broken on May 14, 1962 and the new library opened on March 27, 1963. In one year visitation doubled to 28,000, and circulation went up by 13,000 books. A decade of progress and advancement in facilities, programs and services was begun. Staff increased to 17, circulation rose to 75,000, new collections were started and others expanded. The Gant Room was used for almost 200 well attended programs. There was a community outreach book delivery service to the homebound and senior centers. A volunteer group, Friends of the Library, was formed. Members worked at the desk, planned story hours, sponsored cultural programs, organized book bazaars, conducted a Great Books Discussion Group and purchased many new items. In March 1975, a 3400 sq.ft. addition was completed to house a Children's Department and office space. In 2005, there were 62,000 items in the collection, and there were 140,000 visitors. New computer technology is increasing. With the Library utilizing every available inch of space, including the basement, we begin again to dream of future expansion.


There is no better way to celebrate a friend's or family member's life milestones or the spirits of our departed than through a gift to the library. Your gift not only honors these individuals, but also enriches the community. If you would like a book or other media purchased in honor of a friend or loved one, please print, and return the Gift/Memorial Form to the library. A bookplate will be put in the front of the book or media case giving the details of the gift. The information about the gift will also be registered in Millville Public Library's Memorial Book. You will receive an acknowledgement from the library. A letter will be sent to the family or individual being honored. All donations to the library are tax deductible.



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