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The Library Board of Trustees would like to thank the Carley Family for their continued support to the Millville Public Library in memory of Marie.

your support is greatly appreciated!

 Marie Aspell CarleyMarieCarley

Carley, Marie Aspell, - 95, of Cape May, Marie Aspell Carley, long time resident and believer in all-things Millville, passed away on August 24 in Cape May, NJ at the age of 95. Marie touched the hearts of everyone who knew her — as the life of every party, a generous supporter of Cumberland County charities, a dedicated member of the Millville Woman's Club, a board member of Wheaton Arts, a news junkie, and above all - a believer in laughter and in people. She taught her three daughters, Jacalyn Carley, Joni Marie Carley and Jan Carley Randle, to be self confident women and caring, giving human beings. Her grandchildren were her Seven Wonders of the World: Joseph, Lauren and Spencer Randle, Ian and Ari Yamaguchi, and Alexander and Katy Schaper. Her great-grandchildren, Chad and Claire Marie Keller, were her Wonder'fuls'. Marie had a deep and special relationship with both son-in-laws, Chad A Randle and Ruediger Schaper, and with her grandson-in-law, Bill Keller. She was a special aunt to her nieces and nephews and is survived by a sister, Peggy Raebiger. Marie Aspell was the oldest of seven and helped the family by working as a Locker Room Girl at Clementon Lake Park. She became a whizz typist who took on two full time jobs to support her siblings. While working at Varitype, she met Joesph Carley. They married in 1952 and moved from Haddonfield, NJ to Millville in 1969 with Duralith Corporation. As President of The Joseph L Carley Foundation, Marie oversaw help for homeless, food kitchen support and to many organizations dedicated to helping those in need. She cared deeply for women's causes and the general betterment of Millville. Marie made a lasting contribution to the Levoy Theater and the Millville Public Library. Marie had a quick and wicked sense of humor, few were spared! Only a few years ago she retired her tap shoes and the boombass instrument that entertained family and friends. There was never enough music, never enough dancing or laughter. She always wanted more. There was only this life and she'd still be here if she could. Marie moved into the house next to her best friend and daughter, Jan, who with her husband Chad, brought the party to her or her to the party. Marie passed away peacefully surrounded by her family. We are grateful for every minute we had with her, and grateful for the opportunities her generosity provided for her children and grandchildren. As much and often that we told her we loved her, she never failed to answer, "I love you more." And she did. In lieu of flowers or gifts, we request you make a donation in her name to the Millville Public Library. 

There are three ways to donate:

1. An online donation via Paypal :
Please add a note in the paypal form to specify that your donation is in memory of Marie Carley. 
2. A check made payable to the Millville Public Library
            210 Buck St.
            Millville, NJ 08332
3. Call the library 856-825-7087 and we will take your information over the phone.
Thank you for donating to the Millville Public Library in honor of Marie Carley


Click on the attachments below to read the Millville Public Library's Public Policies.


The following mission statement summarizes the library's role in the community and the library's purpose:
The Millville Public Library strives to enrich the lives of all residents; encouraging connection and collaboration with others, providing possibilities to learn, create, and share achievements in an accessible and welcoming environment.


Millville Public Library Board of Trustees

Ethan Aronoff (President)*
Term expires 12/20223
Christine Barlas
Term expires: 12/2023
Julian Conner
Term expires:  12/2023
Jean Curnow, Secretary*
Term expires: 12/2023
Richard Daniels
Term expires: 12/2023
Heidi Dugan
Term expires: 12/2023
Jaclyn Haas-Benner
Term expires: 12/2023
Karen Harris (Vice President)*
Term expires:  12/2023
Marianne K. Lods
Term expires: 12/2023
Dr. Pamela Moore
Term expires:  12/2023
Diane Nugent
Term expires: 12/2023
John  Nurnberger (Treasurer)*
Term expires:  12/2023
Suzanne Olah
Term expires:  12/2023
Mary Ann Russell
Term expires: 12/2023
Sherry Stiles
Term expires:  12/2023
Courtenay Reece, Library Director
Susan D'Ottavio (Liaison for Friends)





Rules and Regulations for Use of Library Facilities

(adopted 11-4-95)

(revised 4-13-10)

(revised 5-9-12)

(revised 11-8-16: changes effective 12-1-16)


1.             The Library is operated primarily for providing books, reading materials, audio-visual materials, and information for the residents of Millville.  Therefore, the reading room and foyer will not be made available to any group or individual(s) for any other purpose(s).


2.             No activities will be permitted in the Library that will interfere with normal Library activities or with library staff performing their duties and routines.  This restriction refers to both the size of the group and to any sounds that might be disturbing.  Such activities and/or groups whose activities do so will not be allowed to continue or to use the facilities in the future.


3.             The Charles E. Gant Room or the Lower Level public area may be made available to the citizens of Millville for the purpose of encouraging the educational and cultural interests of the community.  Granting of permission to use Library facilities does not in any way constitute an endorsement of a group’s particular beliefs or purposes by the Library Board or Staff.


4.             All advertising and press releases must make clear that the sponsoring groups should be contacted directly for information regarding the program and a contact name and telephone number must be provided in such materials.  A statement of sponsorship must appear in all advertising and press releases using the following phrase: “This program is sponsored by (organization’s name) and will be held in the meeting room of the Millville Public Library.”


5.             Programs or facilities use is permitted only during regular library hours and must end at least ½ (one half) hour before regular closing time.  Normal Library operating hours are:  Monday through Thursday, 10 AM Through 8 PM; Friday, 10 AM through 5 PM; and Saturday, 10 AM through 4 PM.  The library is closed on Saturdays from July 1st through Labor Day.  Only programs sponsored or co-sponsored by the Library itself may be scheduled outside normal operating hours.

6.       The Charles E. Gant Room or the Lower Level may be made available for use for a 2-hour session by non-profit, tax-exempt, cultural, civic, professional, educational, political or governmental groups. No charge will be made; however, donations to the library are appreciated.


7.             Meetings held by non-profit organizations as described in Section 6 must be free and open to the general public.


8.             Political rallies for the purpose of supporting or opposing a specific candidate, political party, ballot question or piece of legislation shall not be held in the Library.


9.             Youth groups may use the rooms if they are accompanied by an adult supervisor of the group (21 years or older) who assumes full responsibility for supervision of the group for the entire time they are in the library.


10.         For-profit groups are permitted to request use of the meeting rooms, subject to availability, at a rate of $50 for a two-hour period.  There is a two-hour minimum charge.  Sessions which run longer than two (2) hours will be charged at the rate of an additional $50 for each extra two (2) hours or fraction thereof.  All fees must be paid before or on the date of the meeting.


11.         Groups and businesses may use the rooms for internal business meetings or staff training.  No admission may be charged; no products or services may be advertised, solicited or sold.  Groups using the meetings rooms may not imply that their programs are sponsored, co-sponsored, or approved by the library unless written permission has been given by the Library Director.  No charge will be made; however, donations to the library are appreciated.


12.         Prospective users must complete a written Application for Facilities Use to be submitted at least (2) two weeks in advance of the requested date to the Library Director. If the application is approved, the date will be scheduled, and necessary arrangements will be made by the Director.  Applications may be brought to the Board of Trustees for interpretation.


13.         Availability of the meeting rooms shall be on a first-come, first-served basis.  The following priorities will prevail in case of conflict:


a.       a library-sponsored program

b.      a group affiliated with the library

c.       a Millville-based group

d.      other groups.


In order to ensure equitable access, the library reserves the right to limit a group’s use to once

per month, if necessary.


14.         The library reserves the right to seek references of any group before booking the room.


15.         Application to use the Library facilities must be sponsored by an organization eligible under Sections 6 or 9 above.  The “Sponsor” is defined as the person who signs the application for use of library facilities.  He/she shall be personally responsible for making all necessary arrangements.  Only one person shall represent said organization in making arrangements with the Library.


16.         The Sponsor is responsible for the proper care and use of all library property.  He/she shall be the first person admitted and the last person to leave and shall be in attendance at all times during the occupancy of the building.  Any damages to the MPL property or equipment will be charged to the individual or group signing for use of the meeting room.


17.         It is the responsibility of the Sponsor to see that the premises are vacated promptly as specified on the permit.


18.         Under no circumstances shall the sponsor of a meeting open to the public require sign-in of attendees nor should any follow-up contact be made at the sponsor’s initiation.  Voluntary sign-in and voluntary follow-up contacts by attendees are allowed.  No admission may be charged; no products or services may be advertised, solicited or sold.  Groups using the meetings rooms may not imply that their programs are sponsored, co-sponsored, or approved by the library unless written permission has been given by the Library Director.


19.         Notice of cancellation of room use should be given to the Library as soon as possible.  If the library is closed due to inclement weather or an unforeseen emergency, use of the meeting room is automatically cancelled.  The library website and telephone message will be updated with weather closings when possible. It is the responsibility of the group using the Meeting Room to notify the public of a change of date, time or cancellation.


20.         Groups showing films or using other media must secure and show proof of all necessary performance rights or agree in writing to indemnify the Library for any failure to do so.


21.         Smoking is prohibited in all parts of all buildings.  The use or presence of intoxicating drinks is likewise prohibited.  It is the responsibility of the Sponsor to see that these regulations are strictly enforced.


22.         No grant of permission to use Library property shall carry with it any right to exclude members of the Board of Trustees or Board representatives from the property.  Such members or representatives shall have full and free access at all times to any part of the building.


23.         The Library will not provide refreshments except at programs and meetings sponsored and arranged by the Library.


24.         Arrangements for displays and/or light refreshments only must be made with the Library Director.  Refreshments must be held to a minimum and, when needed in conjunction with a meeting, must be set up in the Charles E. Gant Room or in the Lower Level.


25.         Groups serving refreshments and/or setting up displays must do so themselves and are responsible for reasonable cleanup.


26.         The Library will set up the meeting space only as requested on the application within the confines and restrictions of the space and furniture available.  The pianos in the Gant Room are also available.  Groups needing audiovisual equipment should check with the library in advance as to what equipment may be provided.


27.         Capacity of the Charles E. Gant Room or the basement meeting room may not exceed allowable limits as specified by the Fire Marshall.  Maximum capacity:

                 Charles E. Gant Room (seated) is 100.  Lower Level Meeting room is 83.


28.         Renters who store materials in the library must provide a lockable cabinet for that purpose, and no materials may be left outside such cabinet.


29.         Decorations, scenery, and signs are prohibited unless prior approval has been received from the Library.  Items may not be taped or tacked to walls, doors, pillars, etc.  No open flames are permitted.


30.         All federal, state and local ordinances, as well as the regulations and codes of the police and fire departments relating to public assemblies must be strictly obeyed.


31.         Applying organizations are held responsible for the preservation of order by those in attendance.  The Library Director may require the presence of a public safety officer when in the judgment of the Director there is a chance that there may be a risk to the safety of the Library users, staff or members of the public.  In such cases, the cost of the public safety officer will be the responsibility of the group booking the room.


32.         Any individual or group that uses the meeting rooms agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Millville Public Library and its Board of Trustees and its employees from any and all claims, actions, or causes of action of any kind which may arise out of use of the meeting rooms by such an individual or group.


33.         All groups using the meeting rooms must abide by our Rules and Regulations Governing Public Behavior on Library Premises.


34.         The Library reserves the right to suspend or cancel meeting space privileges to any individual, group or organization that fails to comply with stated policies.




35.         The Charles E. Gant Room is available for artistic and cultural exhibit purposes for local individuals, for organizations, and for amateur or professional exhibitors.  The room has wall space, track lighting, and a variety of exhibit cases available.


36.         Exhibits may be booked for a (1) one-month period, and arrangements must be made at least (3) three weeks in advance of the exhibit start date.  There is no fee for exhibit space.


37.         Since the library also uses the exhibit space, a full inventory of exhibit items (with their values, if appropriate) and artists or owners must be provided to the Library in advance of the hanging.


Right of Modification


38.     The Library reserves the right to make changes in this policy, its fees, and its limitations at any time.  The Library may also cancel or reschedule any arrangement for use of the facilities at any time and as necessary to carry out the operations, functions, and mission of the Library.


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