MPL Construction FAQ                                         

Q: Where has the money for the construction and renovation project come from?

A: The idea for an addition began with the Carley Challenge. The Carley Foundation offered to match donations up to $1,000,000. Since then, we have received money from many generous donors. The project has largely been funded by private donors, grants, and the New Jersey Library Construction Bond Act, which we were awarded in 2020. This includes the Carley Foundation, Neighborhood Preservation Program, and the Galetto Foundation  In addition, we have received tax dollars from the residents of the City of Millville.

Q: Why does the project need more funding?

A: This project was first conceived of more than 10 years ago, and the estimated costs were drawn up prior to the pandemic in 2020. By the time we were awarded the NJ Library Construction Bond Act money, costs of materials had already exceeded our architect’s original estimate, as costs were increasing everywhere. The pandemic also introduced unforeseen delays to our project. Costs coupled with delays have resulted in using most of our contingency funds, causing us to now seek additional funding to help furnish and equip the new annex and the updated 1960’s library. 

Q: What exactly is being done and why do we need a bigger library?

A: The project will more than double the size of the library as well as renovate the existing library space. The new library will contain study rooms and more meeting rooms as well as an updated community room for community members, organizations, and businesses to utilize. It will also provide more space for our growing collection of materials, dedicated rooms for teens and children’s programs, and a classroom for our HSE (GED) program. Our bookshelves are currently at capacity. Due to a shortage of space, we are limited in how many new books we can fit on our shelves. The additional space will allow us to maintain a collection that will provide depth and a diversity of  interests. It will also provide dedicated storage space to free up more space in the library for community gatherings. The renovation is much needed, as the existing library’s roof has been in poor condition for years, and the leaks are a costly issue that have affected many parts of the library. The bigger, improved library will better serve our community and will be a safe and welcoming space for people to gather.

Q: Will the library have to close during construction?

A: While there will be periods of time when the library will have to close for the safety of staff and patrons, we plan to largely stay open throughout the construction and renovation. Once the new construction is complete, we will move operations into it so that the renovation can begin on the existing building. We will be sure to notify patrons as far in advance as possible about closures via social media, newsletters, and library signs. 


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