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Millville Public Library Capital Campaign

Levels of Giving

Rare Edition: $500,000 and up

The Joseph L. Carley Foundation

First Edition: $250,000 - $499,999

Collectible: $150,000 - $249,999

Classic: $25,000 - $149,999

A Donation in Memory of Albert and Jo Waltman

Millville Savings and Loan Association

S. Kemble and Harriet Y. Salvo in memory of Adelaide K. Salvo

Nobel/Literature: $10,000 - $24,999

Bill and Bonnie Fenton

Nancy and Bill Forester in memory of Charles E. Gant and William Z. Gant

Dr. Jill Mortensen in honor of Dorothy and Harry Mortensen

The Robinson Family

Joyce Vanaman

Pulitzer: $5,000 - $9,999

Debby and Jason Aronoff in memory of Remmy and Doris Aronoff
Bob and Paula Conner
Denny Diehl in honor of the Passaro Family

John and Karin Nurnberger
Nona Mullen Salvo, Jonathan S. Salvo and Faith S. Salvo in memory of Adelaide
K. Salvo
The Children of David and Claire Willson in memory of their parents

Best Seller: $1,000 - $4,999

Ethan and Barbara Aronoff in memory of John S. Nichols

Remy Aronoff in memory of Carroll Owen

Tom and Kim Ayres in honor of Joyce Vanaman

Susan and Steve Brozina

Roland and Margaret Corson

Maria Cortez-Gallagher in memory of Adela Cortez

Jean Curnow in honor of Mary Hopkins Curnow

The Espoma Company

Robert G. Feldman, Esq. and William J. Grubb

Angeline M. Fenton

Brenda Freitag and Chet Tuthill in honor of Lois E. Sherman

William and Debora Gant

Karen and Jeff Harris

Industrial Packaging, Inc.

Leon Leach and Tensel Leach

Lana Marks

Dave and Sheila Mitchell in memory of Phyllis Mitchell

Kevin J. Quinn in memory of Paul and Carol Quinn

Dr. and Mrs. Edward H. Salmon

Janet and Paul Somers in honor of Pat Witt

Jerry and Sherry Stiles, in honor of our children and grandchildren

Joyce G. Vanaman in honor of Kim and Tom Ayres

Carole Weckstein in memory of William Weckstein

Scott and Mary Jo Williams

 Page Turner: $250 - $999

Sigurd Ackerman, M.D. in memory of Ethel Kessler Ackerman

Hattie Ayres in memory of loved ones

John and Amy Beakley

Majorie B. Bixby in memory of Alwina D. Bailey, former library director

James E. Burton

Susan H. Burton

Mr. Stacy Carter

June Cobb in memory of Calvin Cobb, Sr.

Bob and Paula Corson

Thomas Crompton

Cumberland Advisors Inc.

Richard Daniels

Gene and Michelle DeMorat

Cynthia Slack Ehlinger in memory of Neal and Dot Slack

David and Diann Ewan

Raymond Goldstine

Barbara Joshi in honor of Angeline Fenton and in memory of Elsie Ravenell

Marianne and George Lods

Chris and Barb Lopko

Lana Marks

Paul M. McConnell
Millville High School Class of 1956

Jenny and Michael Mitchell in memory of Phyllis Mitchell

Gordon and Patricia Moore

Northeast Rally Club – Millville

Mrs. Diane Nugent in memory of James W. Nugent

John and Suzanne Olah

Shelley J. Parr in memory of Bertha M. Parr

Ed and Donna Pio

Jay F. Reed in memory of Jay and Dorothy Reed

Paula J. Ring

Neil Robinson in honor of Class of 1970

Kay and Rich Romanik in memory of Stephen and Helen Romanik

Mary Ann Russell in memory of Bear

Lois E. Sherman

Marion and Beverly Smith

Southern Oncology Hematology Associates

James and Marjory Standiford

Lewis and Nancy Thompson

Joyce Vanaman in honor of Toni Coogan, Ethan & Barbara Aronoff, Jane Christy, Barbara Morrow, Jim & Wally Hurley, and Bill & Bonnie Fenton

Alan. J. Waltman

Joyce Vanaman in honor of the Aronoffs, Toni Coogan, Jane Christy, Barbara
Morrow, Bill and Bonnie Fenton, and Angie Fenton

Eric and Betsy Waltman in honor of Anna Louise Waltman

William and Carole Weckstein

Barbara Westog

Bookmark: Up to $249

Anonymous in memory of Jocko and Ann Loper
Anonymous in memory of Charles and Carol Smith
Anonymous in memory of Jeff Wenz
Denise Arrigo
Kim Ayres in honor of Joyce Vanaman
Jane Boas Austin in memory of Mary Boas
Shirley Ballard

Michael and Clara Beatty

William Beck
Ruth Ann Neal Becker in memory of my teachers

Patricia Bowen Branin in memory of A. C. Bowen
P. B. Branin
Susan Mary Curnow Breedlove

Michael and Carol Calareso
Mindy and Stacy Cebulski in honor of Bill Fenton, Jr.
Russell and Mary Chesebro
Michael and June Chiola
Matt and Jane Christy in honor of Angeline M. Fenton

Toni Coogan

Robert and Allison Corson
Priscilla Cugino in memory of Marietta Chiarello
Gail D’Emilio
Robert and Patricia Deuber, in memory of Kathy Deuber
Mary and Ernest DiPalma

Darryl and Brenda Dodge

Luella Dreyer in honor of Carol Nagao

Luella Dreyer in honor of Joyce Vanaman
Patricia Dufford
Maranell Estadt in honor of Library Staff
Bill and Bonnie Fenton in memory of Joyce Vanaman
Graham and Nicole Fenton in honor of Bill and Bonnie Fenton, Angeline Fenton
and Barbara Joshi

Elaine and Bob Frantz

Joan Frantz

Ronald Frantz

Brenda Freitag
Marna Garwood in memory of Margaret Elizabeth Ayrer Garwood
Elaine Gudbrandsen
Nuha Hababo in honor of her daughters Tania and Pamela

Robert Heuman

Jon Paul Jacquet

Louise M. Jones

Roger and Barbara Justis

Kevin and Michelle Kavanagh

Greg and Patti Kears in memory of Maggie

Mr. and Mrs. John E. and Kathleen (Schill) Kelly
Brian Kutner
Barbara Ackerman Leish in memory of her parents

Michael F. Maquire in memory of Ken Moss
George Martin
Sandy R. Miller-Sheppard in memory of Nelson and Charlotte Rapp
Millville Woman’s Club

Robert and Judith Moore

William Moore III
Emery Morse in memory of Julianne Moon Morse
Joanne Murphine

Ellen Beth Nappen

Denise and John Nyman
Cheryl Ottinger and David Erickson in memory of Thomas Ottinger, Class of 1948
Wesley Patience, Jr. in memory of Wes Patience, Sr.
Pauline Pepper

Mr. and Mrs. William Rieck

Dave and Patty Robbins
William and Elaine Roche in memory of Dorothy Lascarides

Helen M. Simpkins in memory of Louella M. Simpkins
Marion Smith in honor of Dale and Jo-Ann Wettstein

Sally Smith in memory of Margarett T. Smith
Dr. C. Philip Spaeth
Jerry and Sherry Stiles in memory of Joyce Vanaman
Mark Stullenburger in memory of Harold Stullenburger
Tony and Barbara Surace

James Sutton
Susan Heuman Trencher in memory of Joseph and Lily Heuman
Gene and Beth Tubertini
Joyce Vanaman in honor of Louella Dreyer

Joyce Vanaman in honor of Wally Hurley and Marion Smith
Joyce Vanaman in honor of Wally Hurley

Joyce Vanaman in honor of Lucille Reger

Joyce Vanaman in honor of Eileen Bennett and Jim Quinn
Joyce Vanaman in honor of Toni Coogan, Ethan & Barbara Aronoff, Jane Christy,
Barbara Morrow, Jim & Wally Hurley, Bill & Bonnie Fenton

Joyce Vanaman in honor of Barbara Morrow

Joyce Vanaman in honor of Jim Quinn

Joyce Vanaman in honor Walter Wilson

Joyce Vanaman in honor of Bill and Nancy Forester
Phillip and Florence Van Embden
Philip and Theresa Weber in honor of Ethan Aronoff
Helen M. Wettstein in memory of Charles C. Wettstein
Bruce and Janet Whitehead

Tom and Peggy Wickward

Gerry Yunk in memory of Vicki L. Yunk


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The City of Millville, New Jersey
12 South High Street,
Millville, NJ 08332
Telephone: 856-825-7000
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