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Library Bulletin Board and Brochure Display

(adopted 10-12-04)

1. Purpose

  • Bulletin boards and brochure display areas are available for posting information related to educational, cultural, intellectual, or charitable activities and events. The presence of a poster, brochure, flyer, or any other notice posted in these areas does not necessarily indicate that the library advocates or endorses the viewpoints or activities promulgated by such notices.

2. Priorities and Guidelines

  • Due to the limited amount of available space, only poster or brochure material that meets the criteria of this section will be considered for display.
  • Designated staff shall review all poster and brochure material to determine compliance with this policy. The Library Director shall make the final determination for posting when compliance is in question. Decisions may be appealed in writing to the Millville Public Library Board of Trustees.
  • The Library Director will allocate bulletin board and brochure display space for exclusive use by Millville Public Library.
  • Governmental and tax-supported agencies with which the library carries out cooperative programs will receive priority in allocation of poster and brochure display space.
  • Posters and brochures must contain the name and address of the sponsoring organization.

The following types of notices will not be displayed:

1. Announcements of religious activities
2. Those promoting political parties or candidates or those advocating the election of any candidate or a stand on any election issue
3. Posters, petitions, and brochures that advocate a position on a public issue
4. Announcements or advertisements by profit-making organizations
5. Announcements which publicize ongoing programs or series of programs except those of tax supported or governmental agencies.
6. Legal notices other than those government mandates that the library must comply with.
7. Notices of merchandise or services for sale.
8. Rental announcements
9. Job vacancies
g. Display items must be of reasonable size in relationship to the space available and will not be accepted if they detract from the accepted use of the space
h. Items that meet all criteria may still be rejected for display if there is no available space.
i. The appearance and content must be suitable for display in a public area.
j. The library staff will stamp the poster with the Millville Public Library stamp on the bottom and write the removal date under the stamp.
k. Generally, notices will not be posted for longer than three weeks.
l. Posters and brochures that do not go through procedures delineated above will be removed
m. Posters and brochures will periodically be removed to make way for newer material. The library is unable to make arrangements to return posters or brochures.


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